Interior Design 101: How to Decorate Your Small Space

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Even if you’re living in a small space, it should not define nor hinder your artistic capability. Yes, it could be a bit challenging to decorate a smaller area, but there are actually more than several ways to make things work without it feeling cramped up. Creating an interior design for a small space isn’t stressful at all so long as you know how to arrange things up a bit. Here are some of the best tips you can try at home in a jiffy.

Make use of your home’s height.

If you can’t stack your things horizontally, then do it the vertical way. When you have a smaller than usual space, stuff that is cluttered everywhere make the area smaller than it already is. Create a big illusion by decluttering from time to time. If there is not enough space on the closets, then think about creating shelves from the floor to the ceiling. You can mix things up with closed and open storage ideas by making use of the height of your house. By maximizing your home’s height usage, you can keep things at bay while having all your stuff stored as neatly as possible.

Home Decor

Use mirrors to create a bigger illusion of space.

In many interior design ideas, mirrors have been proven to elongate a space. When you place one near a window, it makes the whole area seem brighter and bigger. If you want to create the same open feel right in your own home, then find a place where you think the mirror could maximize the look of your house. You can actually have the mirrors decorated elaborately or in a minimalist way, depending on your style.

Hidden storage is the key.

A smaller room usually means lesser space for your things. But you can change that now by making use of the twofold storage system. Buy furniture that doubles as a storage space. For instance, you can buy a console that contains just enough drawers to keep your magazines or other stuff in place. A lounging chair may also have a removable seat where you can keep shoes, toys, books or whatever you have in mind. You can also buy a sofa that doubles as a bed if you guests coming over. Staircases can also contain drawers where you can keep stuff away from the eyes of prying visitors. These hidden storages can actually make your home look neat and appealing.

Make the room appear brighter.

Paint the walls a light and bright color to create an illusion of open space for your home. Light colors have a way of reflecting luminously, making the whole space easy on the eyes no matter what perspective you may be coming from. Darker colors, on the other hands easily absorbs light, which in turn, makes the room appear smaller and cramped in the process. When painting the walls of a small area, you need to be very keen about the color palette that you’re choosing. Neutral colors, for instance, make any room look airy, open, and stress-free.

Use the proper color tones for your space.

Before you start the painting process in your small space, think about selecting a monochromatic feel for your color palettes. Pick a shade that can maximize the space and minimize the clutter in the area. Visualize the room. As soon as you enter it, the room should be something that’s visually entertaining. When you keep things tonal, you can actually open up the space and make it look fresh and airy.

You can actually do big things even with a smaller space. With proper interior design ideas, you can definitely make any room look brighter, bigger, and bold.