Water Sprinkler Repair in Conroe TX for Dry Days

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Dry spells happen.  When they do, plants and grass turn yellowish then die if we don’t nurture it enough.  This usually will occur mid to late summer usually July or August. There are long hours of sunlight hitting the grass and plants with higher temperatures and less relief during those times.  Grass, plants, and trees require more water during these months.  

Water Frequency

When homeowners want to know how often to water their lawn, they need to consider the temperature, rainfall, humidity levels, season, plant types and variety, and of course light intensity.  For example, in the summers we have 90 degree days and 70 degree nights with minimal rainfall till October. If your sprinkler isn’t working, sprinkler repair in Conroe TX is super important. Humidity is 70% most days and can be higher during the middle of summer. Most plant types will have an increasing need for water in the summer if in full sun during that time.  

Watering Time 

The length of time to water your lawn with your water sprinkler should be whatever it takes to allow the water to penetrate six to eight inches in the soil.  If you don’t know how long that is, then you should run your sprinkler system and use a shovel to determine at 15-minute intervals.  Once you determine how long it takes for your sprinkler system to reach that 6-inch depth, that will be the time you need to water your landscape.  That is equivalent to an inch of water. You really only want to water your lawn one inch at a time. Any more and you are overwatering your lawn. You can also test the depth by placing a tuna or vegetable can outside and running your sprinkler system.  When it reaches one inch, you come to the same conclusion. Special considerations would be for lawns with slopes or heavy clay soil bases. You would want to stagger out the watering into a couple of different sessions. You could do ten minutes on and thirty minutes off to make sure your soil is getting the water it needs to the grassroots on those slopes.  

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Best Time to Water

Early morning before the sun comes up is the best time to water your lawn.  This is because when the sun is up your water would be evaporated while running the sprinkler system.  Running your system in the morning also allows for best absorption and allows time to dry out their roots before the sun has a chance to evaporate the water.